Store Owner Will Not Face Charges for Shooting Teen He Camped Out to Catch

A man who camped out to catch people trying to steal from his store will not be charged after shooting one of two teens that were, indeed, attempting to rob his store again.

After Edith Cole’s Batesville, MS store was broken into and robbed three times, her husband Farris decided to do something about it.

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017, Farris camped out in Cole’s Sundry Grocery Store “determined to catch them ‘cause he said he (wasn’t) gonna let it keep going on,” said Edith of her husband’s actions.

Sure enough, shortly before 5 am, Farris watched as two 17-year-olds who broke into his wife’s business, gaining access through a hole in the store’s ceiling.

When the teens began stealing candy, Farris drew his firearm and confronted the robbers, instructing the suspects to lie on the ground until police arrived.

Edith said one of the suspects began to fidget, reaching for something as he lay on the floor of the store.

“He said one of the guys kept trying to go in his pocket and he asked him, ‘What are you doing?’”

When the suspect refused to comply with Farris’ commands, he shot the 17-year-old.

“At first he said he thought he had killed them, but then he started hollering about, ‘You shot me in my ear,’” Cole’s wife said.

Farris’ instincts were dead on, the injured teen had been carrying a gun in his pocket and had been trying to draw it when he was shot…..

After Three Burglaries, Store Owner’s Husband Camps Out, Confronts Two Armed Teen Burglars

Great job or lucky break?

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