It Takes a Village…..To Make a Statist

Jeremy Henggeler of Seeds of Liberty writes on his Steemit blog about the violence-enabling, authoritarian-supporting nature of government school training and ‘traditional’ American child-rearing practices.

Here is an excerpt from the blog, though I encourage you to click through and read the whole article.  If you’re on Steemit, be sure to give it an upvote and even a resteem.

Contradictions Abound: How to Unwittingly Build A Compliant Citizen

The above lessons become even more ingrained through the euphemistically named public schooling process (see: government indoctrination), as alluded to in the prior paragraph. Here, the authority a child has been blindly led to accept from the parents is transferred over to a group of strangers.

The child is told, often in these very words, that they now “must obey the teacher just like they obey mom and dad.” The question of why is usually never broached by the child because it came from what they’ve already been led to believe is the authority, and not even by the parents who simply parrot these words. It is simply “a way of life.”

So the child, not knowing enough to question this predicament, simply accepts this new fate of other people telling them what to do. And not just what to do, but when to do it. From the bells signifying that it’s time to change subjects (not to mention switching gears on a dime whether or not you could comprehend what was just dumped on you) to asking permission just to relieve oneself, these young minds are shaped to accept a scheduling of their life that they have no control over and that you can’t even pee without asking an authority figure first.

This, of course, is all by design as it is the Prussian model, designed to churn out good soldiers and obedient citizens, which has been largely followed since Horace Mann first brought it to the U.S., sight unseen (by the way), in the middle of the 19th century. This system is predicated on conformity and obedience, not individuality and critical thought (despite rhetoric to the contrary).


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