Taking a Strategic Approach to Prepping

When you think about prepping, have you thought about the different types of SHTF there are?  Have you thought about the different threats you might face?

Do you have a prepper plan that can handle almost any SHTF situation and threat that might arise.  If not, maybe you have to think more strategically than you have already.

In prepping, you must know your enemy

What is strategic prepping? It simply means awareness of, and preparation for, events and developing conditions that exist beyond your immediate surroundings.

Strategy can be defined as high-level planning to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. And since prepping by its definition is designed to ensure or improve the chances of survival in uncertain conditions, strategic thinking is extremely important. In previous articles I talked about the necessity of intelligence gathering and analysis. That’s an important part of strategic thinking. But much of that is done on the local and regional level, and rightly so.

Strategic thinking for the prepper must also consider information about events that may be far outside your own backyard. As we’ve seen, warfare in a distant nation can have a lasting and detrimental impact on regions far away from the conflict. The “migration” of “refugees” from the Middle East to the countries of Europe is just one example. Another example would be the recent budget-busting spending bill passed by the U.S. Congress. The actions of politicians, even those in far-off Washington D.C., can have major impacts on the family prepper located in Nebraska or Oregon.

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