A Taste of the Emerging Reality of 3D Printing

In 10 years or less, household 3D printers will be commonplace, and they will be able to print almost everything.  What does that kind of future look like?

Here’s What Life Will Be Like With 3D Printers That Can Create Anything

Bernard Luthi, CEO of electronics retailer Monoprice, thinks we’re about 10 years away from most households having at least one 3D printer that’ll be capable of printing most things. However, he told Futurism that he doesn’t think we’ll have 3D printers that can print anything until about 2038.

“This transformation is not going to happen overnight. There are still obstacles that we, as an industry, need to overcome,” said Luthi, noting the need for the technology to advance, and for printers that are truly consumer-friendly, affordable, and reliable to hit the market.

“However, we have made great advancements in the past few years, and can plan to see this market follow a similar trajectory of progress as other rapidly emerging technologies have in the past,” he added.

….If home 3D printers ever do remove retailers from the equation, the impact on our daily lives will be tremendous, according to Luthi. Not only will we have the ability to create exactly what we want the moment we want it, we could also experience new levels of efficiency that ultimately improve our quality of life.“Once 3D printing is incorporated into our daily lives, it will help automate our mundane tasks and give us more time to focus on things we actually want to do,” he told Futurism. “Instead of going to the grocery store, we’ll print our food, hopefully freeing up time to live our lives more fully in other areas.”

As Luthi noted, the possibilities for 3D printing are truly endless. With each new advancement in this technology, we get closer to that day when we can print anything we can imagine.

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