Tech and Science Report – April 6th, 2018

Manufacturing Watch
3D Printed Lighting is Both Attractive and Eco-Friendly
Metal 3D Printing Speeds Product Development for Engine Parts Production
Electrolux Builds the World’s First Bioplastic Concept Fridge
Tech and Science Watch
Office 365 hit by outage, some users unable to log in
Facebook Messenger Monitors Users’ Messages, But For Good Reason
Amazon Now Lets You Use Echo Speakers As Intercoms With Alexa Announcements
SpaceX launches two rockets in a span of three days
Light ‘relaxes’ crystal to boost solar cell efficiency
Strange Cases Of Amnesia Keep Cropping Up In Massachusetts. Now Scientists May Know Why
Medical breakthrough: Seattle man is first adult to get new gene therapy for vision
Dark matter might not be interactive after all
Astronomers create 3-D map of 4000 ancient galaxies
Mind-bending new screen technology uses ‘magic pixel’ to display different content to multiple people
Blockchain Watch
SEC Chief Touts Benefits of Crypto Regulation
Arizona Blockchain Bill Signed Into State Law
Major blockchain group says Europe should exempt Bitcoin from new data privacy rule
AI and Robot Watch
Elon Musk warns AI could become an immortal dictator
Why AI isn’t going to solve Facebook’s fake news problem
China has a new plan to create an army of AI researchers
AI researchers oppose university’s work on autonomous weapons
You Can Learn About AI and Deep Learning with This Extensive eBook Bundle
In a first, two robots remove uterus and colon in simultaneous surgery
Stealth Chinese robotics company may be setting the stage for a North American coup
Fribo: A Robot for People Who Live Alone
‘Cow Fitbits’ and artificial intelligence are coming to the dairy farm. But some farmers aren’t so impressed.
Artificial intelligence helps predict likelihood of life on other worlds
Cryptocurrency Watch
Cryptocurrency Demand is So Strong That Japan Can’t Find Enough Coders
Seoul Is Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency
A ‘seismic shift’ is taking place in the cryptocurrency sector, analyst says
India’s Central Bank To Stop Dealing With All Crypto-Related Accounts, ‘Not Ban On Crypto’ Commenters Say
Korean Police Detain 4 Crypto Exchange Execs Over Alleged Embezzlement
Australian Crypto Exchanges Told to Register with AUSTRAC
Tax Consequences of Cryptocurrency Transactions and Correcting Historical Noncompliance
New Decentralized Crypto Exchange Ethen to Prioritize Accessibility Along With Security
Web Networking Watch
2.7m UK Businesses Vulnerable To Internet Of Things Hacks
IoT Chain (ITC) is a breakthrough for the Internet of Things users
Alt Energy Watch
Australia could reach 100 per cent renewable energy by 2032: ANU prediction
‘Energy islands’ to produce solar power
In rebuke to utilities, SC House votes to extend rooftop solar energy incentives
Biofuels are fueling US growth
Australian rooftop solar boom rolls on – 351MW in first quarter
Developer Exploring Giant Wind Farm in West Oahu
Tesla built the world’s biggest battery. This one could be three times bigger.
California Takes Up Ocean Wind Energy After Oregon Project Fails
Google uses wind and solar to offset all of its operational energy use
Alternative Car Watch
Could self-driving cars make crossings or traffic lights redundant?
Electric vehicles will transform the power grid. Will Illinois be ready?
Uber Fights Suit by Woman Hit on Freeway After Exiting Car
Electric cars to race on Saturday
The Story Behind The New Radical Electric Car Brand Polestar
Alternative Farming Watch
New report examines the vertical farming market value projected to cross USD 8 billion by 2024
Fish and hydroponic produce form basis of new aquaponics business
A Micro Urban Aquaponic Farm started in George
Aquaponics: how to get plumper, healthier fish
Drone Watch
US State Dept OKs possible $2.5 billion sale of military drones to Germany
Google workers want to end work on Defense Department drone project, cite ‘Don’t Be Evil’ motto
Skydio R1 autonomous drone review: cruise control
Schools Offering Drone Programs, but Learning to Fly Is Just the Start
Astronomers and Ecologists Are Using Drones to Prevent Animal Poaching
Electronics Watch
3D-Printed Electric Cars Loom on the Horizon
Stretchable, twistable wires for wearable electronics
Argonne National Lab scientists see promise in Lithium-air battery
Sodium-ion battery packs a punch
Nanotech Watch
Twisting laser light offers the chance to probe the nano-scale: A new method to sensitively measure the structure of …
“Rocking” Brownian Motor Pushes Nanoparticles Around
Technique combines multiple metals into metallic alloy nanoparticles with unprecedented chemical capabilities
Simulations Reveal What Happens When Nanoparticles Collide
Nanoparticles may cause DNA damage to brain cells across a cellular barrier
With new technique, researchers create metallic alloy nanoparticles with unprecedented chemical capabilities
Tungsten oxide nanoparticles fight against infection and cancer
Ultrathin Nanoparticle-Based Film Could Enhance Data Storage Capabilities
Peer to Peer Watch
Is Google’s Bet On Blockchain Technology A Natural Step After Cloud?
Is Peer To Peer Network (PTOP) Building Momentum?
Substratum: An Open Source Network for Computing Power
SoLo Funds Allows You to Seamlessly Borrow From Your Peers
Want to profit from your underused servers? Overlook has an idea
Bitcoin [BTC] lightning network application available on Android’s Play Store
Social Media Watch
There’s a Facebook Alternative, It’s Called Self-Sovereign Identity
Facebook retracted Zuckerberg’s messages from recipients’ inboxes
‘Chilling effect’: Twitter sees regulation of social media as threat to ‘freedom of expression’
Twitter Has Suspended 1.2 Million Accounts For ‘Terrorist Content’
The Data Brokers So Powerful Even Facebook Bought Their Data – But They Got Me Wildly Wrong
YouTube Shooting and the Lie of DIY: Why User-Generated Content Is a Myth
Manager of $200 billion pension fund deletes Facebook account, citing ‘offensive’ management
Twitter defends itself after people used it to spread false stories about YouTube shooting
YouTube TV now works in Firefox
YouTube Shooting Casts Light on Video Makers’ Complaints
Five Surprising Ways Driverless Cars Will Affect Real Estate
Greek Anarchist Group Attacks Turkish Consulate in Athens
The Algorithms Take Over: Will Facebook’s Private Message Scanning Lead To Autonomous Censorship?
Is Education a Waste of Time and Money?
The Blockchain Solution to Our Deepfake Problems
Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launches a New Cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin
Lack of regulatory clarity surrounding cryptocurrencies fuels fraud
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