Tech & Science Ticker – April 16th, 2018

Manufacturing Watch
World’s first medium/large-scale 3D thermoset printer
UW researchers pioneer way for ordering laundry detergent with 3D printing
The future of facades: How 3D printing is revolutionising architectural restoration
3D-printed tiles filled with succulents form cabin by Emerging Objects
Tech and Science Watch
A new JPEG format for virtual reality
Scientists use machine learning to speed discovery of metallic glass
Stonefish are already scary, and now scientists have found they have switchblades in their heads
“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask
How molecules in cells ‘find’ one another and organize into structures
Blockchain Watch
Austin is hoping the blockchain can help protect the homeless
Company Aims To Become ‘Amazon Of Sharing Economy’ With Blockchain App
AI and Robot Watch
AI chips may give you a real reason to upgrade your smartphone
Robot Cities: Three Urban Prototypes for Future Living
How Lyft, Mastercard, and Drone Companies Are Experimenting With Artificial Intelligence
Cryptocurrency Watch
India’s Cryptocurrency Exchanges Mull Supreme Court Challenge to Banking Ban
Why The Telegram Ban Is Good News For Its Cryptocurrency
Buyer Loses $278000 USD in Bitcoin Robbery
China’s Bitmain Gets Approval for US Bitcoin Mining Operation
Electronics Watch
Smart socks for diabetics
These $500 leggings are no ordinary workout clothes. They’re Bluetooth smart.
Ancient paper influences smart clothing
Nanotech Watch
Quantum physicists achieve entanglement record: Largest entangled quantum register of individually controllable …
Scientists use carbon nanotube technology to develop robust water desalination membranes
Web Networking Watch
AT&T mobile 5G network falling short
SmartMesh (SMT) Token – Will It Make the Internet Available Globally?
Vodafone claims UK 5G first with 3.4 GHz spectrum trial
Google could soon let you sync smartphones for music playback
Newly Released Mesh Network Performance Results from Silicon Labs Clarify IoT Connectivity Options
Peer to Peer Watch
Why Amazon Now Wants to Disrupt the P2P Payments Industry
Hub’s Blockchain’s Bid To Decentralize Trust And Strengthen Digital Ecosystems
Canadian Peer-to-Peer Trading Explodes Due to Bank Restrictions on Crypto Purchases
Social Media Watch
How Facebook can have your data even if you’re not on Facebook
YouTube to stop supporting third-party ad serving in EU in May, citing GDPR
Act on data privacy or we’ll regulate, UK minister tells Facebook
Drone Watch
US military ground drones set to be deployed on Australian cattle stations
Iran’s Army of Drones, Target of Syria Strike: Rising Force or Limited Threat?
NASCAR is using sci-fi guns to protect its drivers from unauthorized drones
Alternative Farming Watch
Was that tomato grown in dirt or water? New organic label will reveal
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