Tech & Science Ticker – April 7th, 2018

Top Stories

Facebook endorses political ad regulation legislation
Nashville transit referendum: Where do Uber, Lyft, autonomous vehicles fit in?
Cancer research: Scientists led by Bengaluru team find breakthrough
Sex robots could ‘change humanity’ as dolls who can’t say no are shipped out to brothels, bedrooms and old people’s …
Texas Regulators Crack Down on Site Offering Returns Related to Cryptocurrency and Medical Marijuana
Two Crypto Exchanges Suspended by Japan’s Financial Services Agency
Twitter blocks Owen Benjamin

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Manufacturing Watch

Trump asks US trade rep to consider another $100bn in China tariffs
Set up mini factories for better prices: Tea Board to farmers

Tech and Science Watch

YouTube Kids to Get Whitelisted Version That Shows Only Curated Content: Report
New Tech Could Eliminate The Need For Colonoscopies And Other Invasive GI Related Tests
There are thousands of black holes at the center of Milky Way
Scientists have discovered an “invisible” star

Blockchain Watch

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

AI and Robot Watch

AI companies spot a business opportunity in space

When Robots Milk Cows, Farm Families Taste Freedom

Sophia the robot coming to Egypt for Creative Industry Summit

Cryptocurrency Watch

Japan Gathers 500 Agents to Fight Cybercrime and Crypto Theft

Electronics Watch

3D Printed Lighting is Both Attractive and Eco-Friendly

Google files a patent that shows hidden wiring in smartglasses

Will Amazon Get Into The Construction Business?
Batteries, inverters, solar cells safe from Section 301 tariffs
Scientists Identify Protein That Could Let Birds See Magnetic Fields

Peer to Peer Watch

“Click to Donate”: Which States Have Jurisdiction over My Online Fundraising?
Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending – a Niche in the Financial Ecosystem
Substratum: An Open Source Network for Computing Power

Social Media Watch

Facebook deleted messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg from recipients’ inboxes
#AmazonClosed trends on social media after folks are abruptly kicked off Amazon
YouTube ignored police pleas to remove threatening videos

Alternative Farming Watch

Fish and hydroponic produce form basis of new aquaponics business
Aquaponics: how to get plumper, healthier fish
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