Optical Forging Could Take 3D Printing to the Next Level

Graphene could be the future of expanding 3D printing to areas that, so far, this technology is not yet able to reach.  A new technique promises to 3D print with graphene using laser light.  The process is called optical forging, and it could lower the cost of 3D printing, as well as speed up the process, and finally enable more complex objects to be 3D printed. […]


Bitcoin Buys Home For First Time Ever

People keep saying Bitcoin is a fad.  People keep talking about the Bitcoin bubble, and yet, the digital currency keeps plugging along.  Now, right after another round of doom and gloom from the establishment financial experts, a home has been purchased by bitcoin for the first time ever. […]


Move Over Blockchain, Here Comes Quantum Chain

Just when we were beginning to wrap our heads around blockchain technology a new technology is beginning to emerge and it’s called Quantum Chain.  No, we don’t fully understand it, yet, but it promises two major things, one is to complete transactions much faster than blockchain, and two, and possibly more importantly, it creates a much more secure environment for transations than blockchain does. […]