Teen Girl Uses 3D Printing to Build Fashion Business

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This is a story of a young woman named Shami Oshun, of San Francisco, who took it upon herself to learn how to 3D Print and use that skill to create something she is passionate about, fashion.

She has entered the fashion world on her own terms, using the liberating self-reliant-enabling technology of 3D printing to create new opportunities for herself through 3D printing clothing.

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From BuzzFeed

This Teen Taught Herself How To 3D Print Clothes And People Are Loving It

Meet Shami Oshun, an 18-year-old fashion designer from the Bay Area in California.


Oshun said she was inspired by buildings, nature, and memories. “But I wouldn’t say there is a direct connection because once I start creating the pieces my hand just take control,” she said.

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