Teen Prepper Reveals His Six Year Saga

When you picture preppers, I bet the most common image would be of some grizzled-looking guy in his 50s or 60s madly clinging to a shotgun while he sits on a pile of MREs in his underground bunker.  Well, met Alex Mason, a 17-year-old prepper who has been heavily involved in prepping since he was 11 years old.

‘Doomsday prepper’ teen spends 6 years preparing for apocalypse stockpiling food and teaching himself survival skills

A  student has revealed how he spent the last six years of his life preparing for the apocalypse.

Alex Mason is known as a doomsday prepper – someone who is actively preparing for a global catastrophe .

The 17-year-old stockpiles food like rice and canned goods, has taught himself survival skills and takes emergency supplies with him wherever he goes.

He has now set up an Instagram account with his friend Myles Allen, 17, to spread the word.

Explaining why he believes the world is heading for impending disaster, Alex, of New Hampshire, USA said: “All you need to do is look around you at the state the world is in today, to see how many things can go wrong.”

“I hope things will get better, but I need to know how to protect myself and my family if they don’t.”

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