Tennessee Bill Would Protect Airbnbs from Local Regulations

From our longer leash files, the state of Tennessee may be considering rolling back regulations by Tennessee cities that effectively shut down Airbnbs.  The proposed legislation would bar local governments from creating regulations that shut down Airbnbs, private overnight bed and breakfasts.

State bill could affect city rules on Airbnb

Chattanooga officials and Hamilton County’s two state senators are watching a bill in the Tennessee General Assembly that would short-circuit the city’s rules regulating short-term rentals such as Airbnb.

The city council adopted rules last June for short-term rentals and is preparing to vote Feb. 27 on a few tweaks to them, including enlarging the districts where homeowners may operate them.

The bill sponsored by Sen. John Stevens, R-Huntingdon, would take away Tennessee cities’ authority to ban short-term rentals.

It would affect Chattanooga’s rules limiting short-term rentals to certain districts if it passes, said Matt Kiessling, vice president of short-term rental policy for the Travel Technology Association.

Some cities outlaw all short-term rentals, and more than two dozen don’t allow non-owner-occupied rentals in residential areas, The Tennessean newspaper reported.

Stevens’ bill would allow local governments to regulate location, density, quality-of-life issues, enforcement and health and safety. They also would maintain control over short-term rental permitting, insurance requirements and inspections, according to a statement from the Travel Technology Association.

“As a state, we must find the right balance between reasonable local regulation and constitutionally protected private property rights,” Stevens said in that statement.

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