Tesla Gets Charging Boost from Ionity



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Tesla May Be Joining Ionity, the “Ultra-Fast” Electric Car Charging Network

Tesla’s cars could get a speed boost in more ways than one. While the second-generation Roadster isn’t set to hit the roads until 2020, offering acceleration of 0-60mph in just 1.9 seconds, a report on Friday suggests the firm could boost its car recharge times by joining the high-speed Ionity charging network.

The report from Süeddeutsche Zeitung (translated by Teslarati) claims Tesla could join the European network alongside big names like Fiat Chrysler, Volvo, PSA and Jaguar-Land Rover. The network is a joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford Motor Group, the Volkswagen Group, Audi and Porsche. It promises capacity of up to 350 kilowatts, with plans to offer 400 charging stations across 19 European countries by 2020. It’s an impressive set of statistics, and it could enable long-distance trips by reducing recharge times to that of a few minutes.

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