The Death of the Marines from Project Wife

Short-Story Poem

No one knows the living things that make the sounds between our walls.

I’ve been keeping this secret from my daughter for a while, but I’m afraid she already knows.

So far, though.

whatever they are,

they seem innocuous enough.

The biggest complaint is they whisper things at inappropriate times that, while you can never actually be sure you’ve heard what you know you’ve heard, if they actually are the words being said are, on the face of them, humorous comments.

Last night, for instance, I was preparing to evacuate the Marines on Project Wife (I’ve already said too much), when the whispering started.  The whispering, at first, is more like an occasional house creak that turns into a consistent clamor of frequencies that eventually give near-aural form to words.

In the instance outlined above, the forms crescendoed to deliver this phrase, “D-D-D-D-Dora,” in the same melodic tones as the famous children’s cartoon show, Dora the Explorer.

The injection of said aural interludes had a negative effective upon Project Wife (note: This is NOT the ACTUAL real name of the project engaged upon, but that information is classified on a need-to-know-basis).  The effect, it would seem, was so profound, it shut down the operation completely.  The beachhead did not hold.  The marines died, in darkness, alone.

This is not the first, nor do I suspect it will be the last, such ‘comic’ interlude into my life, at least until I figure out what’s living inside our walls.
Until then, I may be a bit……ummmm…BUGGY!

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