The Happiest People on Earth. North Korea: Rulers, citizens & official narrative (RT Documentary)
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North Koreans say they’re the happiest people in the world. Their great leader is like a father who takes care of them and all their needs. They’re told that he’s made their country the most powerful and economically developed on the planet. A quick look at the World Wide Web or any international media might lead to a different conclusion but in North Korea, they’re banned.

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    1. WTF!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ????????
      THIS IS THE biggest comment section HACKING OF ALL TIME!!!
      Never have I seen it! It must be the new failed Fat Kim strategy to control the hate and troll comments! Each NK commenter is given a grain of rice for each comment so they got to earn that alf full plate of rice ???? ????????????????????????????????

    2. I'm from the DanDong, the Chinese city across the Yalu river from NK. I can tell you that the people are not happy, no one living a good life in their country would risk their life to escape to another and work slave labour for the rest of their lives.
      I mean China is a dictatorship country, but we do not worship Xin as a god. We do not get killed for not liking him either.

    3. I can't wait until the USA gets to liberate them with inter racial sodomy, ecstacy, herion, and cocain, mcdonalds, cocacola, hollywood movies, hiphop, feminism, gay rights, muslim migrants, and a debt based economic system with income tax rates over 50%. If they continue to refuse the gifts of the west we will have to fly over there and pound nails into their skulls with hammers.

    4. the religion that glorifies a man will never be a true and good religion. the so called orthodox Rússia should know this. but the truth is Rússia remains communist with just a façade of christianity

    5. Я немогу понять, почему этой мерзкой, гнусной, грязной, пропагандистской путинской помойке до сих пор не запретили вещание в нашей странне?????????????????????

    6. Honestly I'm all into conspiracy's and shit so who am I to say that North Korea isn't happy. The global elite lie about everything anyways. Who says they can't be lying about this?

    7. These people can't even have Bibles! …and if they have a Bible they will be thrown into a labor camp to rot and die! This is what happens when Jesus is banned from the hearts of people. A living nightmare. ✝️

    8. Some good, some bad… some sad. Nowhere has it perfect… you can't blame them for trying to escape the evils now infecting the west, but in doing so they've blocked themselves off from the best too. No, North Koreans, our orphans aren't just left to their own devices, roaming the streets. On the other hand, they are safe from the debauchery of Miley Cyrus and her ilk.
      Surely there is a happy medium… but can any place actually achieve it?

    9. Looks errie and DARK inside North Korea and depressing. The people of North Korea dont have freedom and see there President as a GOD which its not the people fault it the governing and sole past and current leaders of North Korea controlling and programming people minds with FEAR! THANK GOD THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLD IS NOT ON NORTH KOREA SIDE. NO FREEDOM INSIDE NORTH KOREA AND THEY NEED TO SHOW THE BAD SIDE OF NORTH KOREA BUT because thhey dont have "Freedom of Press" "Freedom of speech" They will NEVER SHOW THE BAD SIDE OF NORTH KOREA AND SUFDERING OF THE PEOPLE BY THERE LEADER AND PRESIDENT. COMMUNIST FAILED, DICTATOR FAILED SO IT TIME TO MOVE ON AND GIVE PEOPLE FREEDOM OF CHOICE LIKE AMERICA DEMOCRACY SYSTEM IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

    10. Holy shit, these comment section if full of communists… oh yeah I forgot, it's the RT's average subscriber!. Dumb fucks, how can you be so imbecil to praise a personality death cult?

    11. all I can say is I would rather live literally anywhere else in the world other than North Korea. Including Syria, cause at least since I'm gonna die anyway, I can take some isis SOBs with me.

    12. The title should read forced to be the happiest slaves on earth one day when North Korea experiences freedom they will realize what a turd they've had for a ruler. How could this be called a documentary when you have armed guards telling you where you can film and where you can't it's not like you can run around that country freely with the camera. More fake news

    13. It would be interesting to watch a North Korean documentary on the joys of living under American rule in South Korea . . . or in America itself. There would be the danger, of course, of the video crew getting corrupted, but strong North Koreans would resist.

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