The Long History of Presidential Stupidity in Economics – The Tom Woods Show

Everyone always thinks the current president must be the worst. Surely President X is the most ignorant when it comes to economics! Well, there’s a lot of competition for that honor, my friend, as Gene Epstein joins me to explain. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:

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  1. Lot of the US lumber is not even accessible regardless of how much we have. Thanks to Federal and state environmental laws. Even if we could produce all we needed regardless of cost. We would not be able to thanks to regulation. Same with oil and a lot of other US natural resources.

  2. I think the way George H Bush practically exterminated the entire Iraqi army once they decided to all withdraw from Kuwait on a road back to Iraq was the worst thing any American president has done foreign policy wise since the cold war. That left possibly a million children without a father and hundreds of thousands of widows. Those guys were just low ranking foot soldiers we killed who were just serving their country and following orders. Killing nearly a hundred thousand Iraqi solders to impress the world with our air force just because we could really planted the seeds of hatred against America in that part of the world. They were all retreating back to Iraq but that was somehow not enough for Bush who decided to kill them all anyways.

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