The Moral Supremacy Wars

Moral Supremacism is not the idea that your moral code is best moral code.
I think my moral code is best moral code (though not with absolute certainty).
Moral Supremacism is when you think, due to your morally superior (definitively so) position (which also makes others something less than decent if they violate that certain right morality), that you have the right, nay, in many instances, the DECENT and MORAL obligation to threaten someone with social, market, or even physical death who doesn’t follow your moral supremacist program.
I would wager 70 plus percent of America, at present, falls under one or more set of moral codes that gives them permission, if not OBLIGATION, to support potential death (from social to physical) against violators of the right and proper and certain moral code.
Moral supremacism is the underlying ideational influence that gives ‘legitimacy’ to the myriad of attempts by political factions in America today to extend their moral policing powers far beyond even where they are now (which are pretty extensive).

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