The NPC Effect of the Un-Examined, Segmented Life

When I was 25, I realized that whenever I went to work, I went into this mode that created tunnel vision in me.
That tunnel vision made the whole of me disappear, so that only work me existed.
After I became aware of this, I tried to remind myself to think of the whole me when I was at work.
It didn’t work.
And thus began a painful self-deprogramming process where I developed strange exercises that were intended to bring in the whole of me when I went to work.
It was painful because, as I deconstructed the work veneer I made myself not only more aware of myself, but more aware of the people around me, as well as some of the more absurdist aspects of Paul’s work life.
I conquered that beast. I vanquished work me forever.
But, I did not realize there were other places I went to in my life where I was not bringing in the full me.
This was especially true of politics me. Actually, IS- this is a recently initiated project, to deconstruct politics me and replace it with whole me (such as I can understand who that person really is, which, in and of itself, is a proposition not void of uncertainty).
With the rise of these NPC memes (NPC- Non-Player Characters in video games, especially when they glitch up because someone just went offscript), I think I realize these ‘versions’ of me, where I enter into a venue with a diminished version of myself, one customized for that particular venue, I am an NPC, mostly operating on scripts, some of which I may have created, but MOST Of which were spoonfed to me by agents that had super-non-critical standing with me.

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