The Power of Prayer to Feed Demons?

In a time of ‘peak’ disinformation at floodgate-level scales, it seems it’s like playing Russian Roulette whenever you dare venture to act with dramatic effect in response to ‘overwhelming evidence’ of (insert rage focus here).

The whole world needs to memorize and internalize The War Prayer by Mark Twain.
I keep coming back to that thing again and again and again and again.
I might even someday use a section of that as an opening for some form of show that may or may not come into existence in the future.
The power to create the subhuman is the Mother’s Milk of these types of sociocultural transition.
But the conversations are all about arguing over absolutarian spooks that condemn everyone else to garbage person if they don’t worship (literally and or figuratively) the same spooks.
Few people are attempting to understand what I would call the deeper human questions (and possibly some answers) emerging from these tensions we see escalating and the emerging tactics, spook justifications being deployed to engage in this existential war in the absolute fight for the keys to the moral citadel..