The Science of Wishing Death on the Republican Party

Just now on #CNNNYE: Jane Curtin says her New Year’s resolution is to “make sure that the Republican Party dies”

Stay classy, CNN— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) January 1, 2019

These types of statements imply that a significant portion
of this society are no longer acceptable in the political arena.

In isolation, this statement rings as mere hyperbole in the
face of largely (but, sadly, not completely) manufactured fear.

But in the context of the overall tenor of public discourse,
this statement by this woman on a mainstream new years eve show on a mainstream
news outlet felt it was appropriate to tell potentially half the viewing
audience that she wishes their political power would completely and wholly die,
and she did this on a new years eve show, not a political rally, not an opinion
panel, a new years eve show.
It is the context of this statement that makes this such a bell weather
indicator for the rising dehumanizing and uncompromising rhetoric and its ever
increasing invasion into every part of every aspect of our lives.
This woman would wish to imagine that somehow her tribe is not worthy of the
same level of derision, scorn, invalidation, subhumanization as the tribe she
imagines is just beneath her level or moral purity.
Her very actions, her very wishes, expose the sheer hypocrisy of the outrage
she musters on a new years eve show, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical new years eve
show.  Yeah.
THIS.  Is America.

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