The Sovereign Citizen


The Sovereign Citizen

What is a sovereign citizen and how can you become a sovereign citizen?

A sovereign citizen has the power, in times of uncertainty, in times of crisis, to secure a safe haven where he or she can provide for his or her basic needs, food, health, shelter, security.

This sovereignty can be a collective sovereignty or a family sovereignty or a single sovereignty, and it can only be had if one thing occurs, the citizen fulfills his or her civil obligation to be self-aware and to be community-aware.

What do I mean by being self aware? To be self aware, meaning, to know your core wants, needs, and beliefs, you must first have a reasonable collection of facts, empirical or otherwise, to base your decisions upon, else you will be swept up in the puppet master, raw, unchecked emotion.

Under this state, a citizen is easily bent or swayed so long as their basic needs are provided for, food, shelter, security, and health. To have less dissidence, it would be advised to offer some degree of mobility within the system, enough that the rank and file, emotion-led masses can hold on to that last, but most important need, hope.

So governments run lotteries and some degree of laxness is allowed in the system to create a small crack of hope that maybe someday you too will beat the odds and get rich overnight.

These are not sovereign citizens, for they rely on the nourishment fed to them by large entities who extract their capital from the blood, sweat, and tears of the very people they convert to emotion-led puppets. It’s not something in the water that makes them Stepford citizens, it’s the lack of the knowing.

How do you know what you want if you do not know the facts surrounding your very existence? You are like a naked child in a dark wood, hoping you get lucky and stumble out alive before some sweet-talking ogre convinces you to eat your own foot for love of your fellow man.

The lack of true sovereign citizens in this country is the reason our institutions have failed so undeniably. How did our institutions fail us? We stopped paying attention. We stopped questioning what we saw in print, or on TV. We collect ‘facts’ from agent provocateurs of all sides of the political spectrum, not from the source. Nor do we have credible outlets that we know will always place the nation, the community, our sovereignty as citizens above the network of international corporations all of the media outlets are currently connected to.

So let’s start a campaign to make it illegal for companies that sell widgets to own media outlets that offer ad space to people who sell widgets.

Are you freaking kidding me? This is always the response we get from all sides; well, if someone could theoretically abuse the system in some vague way, let’s regulate, tax, ban it.

No, the answer is not legal challenges, new legislation, or dramatic proclamations. The answer goes back to the sovereign citizen. Wherever a sovereign citizen exists today, it is your duty to your family, to your community, to your country, to spread your sovereign ways to others by showing them how to achieve what you have achieved,

Why is this your duty? If you live amidst the great emotion junkies that dot so much of our lands today then it is much more difficult for you to achieve your own personal sovereignty. You must, in some extreme cases, be able to wall yourself off from the centrist-led emoticons to protect your small slice of sovereignty, your island of freedom amidst a den of worker bees, worker ants, and task masters.

But your enemy is not the task master, or the emoticons playing at insect living, for we still need managers and directors, and we also need a working class, as we do not live in Utopia USA, but rather ‘real world’ USA- MTV-style.

Your enemy is the purveyor of emoticon-producing propaganda. Your weapons are the same tools these emotion dealers utilize. If you want to teach a blind man how to read, you don’t use flash cards, you use touch. In this case, the emoticons, the unwitting armies of this or that collection of centrist families, cannot ‘see’, so we must appeal to the sense they still have intact- such as emotion.

But you must not be condescending, for many emoticons are far more intelligent than the most ‘awake’ amongst us. It is easy to slip into a certain reality, especially for those isolated within very narrow social circles, whether that circle be a neighborhood gang or a yachting family circuit or the proverbial beltway haze.

Their way of life, for decades, has been very successful. Our basic needs have been met. There’s a fair degree of mobility built into our system, far more than in most places in the world. We have entertainment, cheap entertainment, cheap toys and every day is a discovery of some new and exciting technology that will ‘change our lives’.

The eighty or so years which led to the collapse of the world will be remembered as the golden age of centrism, where centrist, non-country-based systems controlled the greatest amount of wealth, resources, and territory, just before the whole centrist thing collapsed.

What follows will not be Utopian egalitarianism (for humans are not equal, they are only meant to be assumed equal until they’ve had a fair chance to demonstrate their abilities and their flaws).

What will follow is a series of break-offs from the system, starting with the wealthiest, the ones who have the power to build islands of sovereignty. A creation of a ‘world citizen’ free from the pesky regulations and taxes of host nations, is already de facto forming amongst the families that run the largest international centrist systems in the world today.

The families left behind will be those families that derive the bulk of their power and influence from the possession or control of public contracts, the folks who live off of publicly-funded contracts, not the lowly worker, just the families that direct the funds, that award the contracts, that run the corporations which have won the contracts.

Less resources from the sovereign families means an ever-increasing need for public contracts, which can only be gained if the emoticons accept a new wave of hidden taxes (from inflation, the taxes you don’t notice added to your cell phone bill, etc) to get more capital, more regulations to raise more capital and to also tighten down the gateways between economic levels, to decrease mobility. They must do this to protect their now dwindling interests.

During these times, the sovereign citizen will be ready to network with fellow sovereign citizens to create safe havens to wait out the final collapse of the centrists, that moment when they call on an army and it simply doesn’t show up.

What will be recreated after this collapse is entirely up to the sovereign citizen and his, and her duty to be stewards of the power they have, to spread that gift of sovereignty as far and as wide as possible so that as more and more of our basic needs fall to the wayside we can fill the void with sovereignty-based solutions to meet our basic needs, food, shelter, health, security, and, above all else, hope.

Where do you stand? Are you a sovereign citizen? If you are, tell your story, share your power with your neighbors, and help other sovereign citizens spread their stories of sovereignty. Provide the people with hope, the greatest emotion of all, upon which all of the good resides in all of us.

Show them that there are already working solutions to take care of ourselves and to free ourselves from the ever-constricting binds of our centrist enslavement.

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