The TurkReich Kurdish Problem Will Only Get Worse Thanks to Erdogan

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Turkey alienating stateless Kurds to its detriment – FT

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is “throwing red meat to the wolves of Turkish nationalism”, meaning any rapprochement with stateless Kurds in Turkey, Syria, or Iraq appears positively fanciful, David Gardner wrote in the Financial Times.

Erdoğan, once known for his pragmatic approach to resolving Turkey’s Kurdish problem and for improving ties with Kurds in Iraq’s north, was once credited with marrying Islam with democracy to the Kurds benefit. Turks and the Kurds, known internationally for their courage in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS), would have made a powerful combination and they still would, Gardner, the FT’s international affairs editor, wrote .

“Five years ago, a more pragmatic Mr. Erdoğan was engaged in detente with the Kurds, in Turkey and its borderlands in northern Iraq and Syria. At that time, he was a third-term prime minister on the cusp of a presidency that he is now remodelling in the image of his ally in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin,” he said.

Erdoğan’s renewed battle with the Kurds means Iran-backed Syrian government forces are taking advantage of the Turkish incursion into Syria’s Afrin, which began on Jan. 20, to reclaim lost territory in northwest Syria, to the detriment of Turkey’s strategic interests, Gardner wrote.


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