The Ugly Truth About Cultural Marxism | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

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What is cultural marxism and what impact has it had on western countries? Faith Goldy joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the continued decline of Canada under Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, the rise of political correctness to shut down debate, the sexualization of children, the reality of the coming demographic displacement, the year over year decrease in testosterone and much much more!

Faith Goldy is a journalist with TheRebel Media and the host of β€œOn The Hunt With Faith Goldy.”

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  1. "I love Canada" – Justin Tard Bieber, Prime Failure of Canada
    So, he sexually identifies as a hentai tentacle monster? Because a human anus, with the length of the small intestine (~6.5m), and the large intestine (~1.5m) is total of 8 freaking meters! Justin implies that size matters! Behold: LGBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ!

  2. Chemical warfare by the NWO, starting with flouride in all the water systems across the major countries since WWII has caused the decrease in testosterone & IQ. Estrogen mimickers in products like plastic bottles & in meds & GMO foods also..

  3. The threat to EU members that close borders is a hefty fine. If the fine is not paid, then the member is eventually expelled from the EU.

    That's punishment akin to being made to take your shoes off before you go to bed.

  4. Damn, son. I never had this much fun in a YouTube comment section before. 0.o
    I found an entire country full of clowns, I mean new potential friends to play with. I'm so happy now. Let me try first: Hello, I'm a Canadian. I sexually identify as an attack helicopter. Yes it's true that attack helicopters leave a bloody trace of their lovers. TARGET ACQUIRED honey! If you end up a bloody puddle, then I got too much love for you! I wished I could spend a night with Justin Tard Bieber, Prime Hentai Monster of Canada. Epic battle! I mean romance… He got the length. I got the 625 +/- 25 RPM!

  5. Canada is so fucked. It's like these things Steph is talking about are things every white small town Canadian kid talked about in elementary school in the 90s. Now things are out of control I weep for my country and glad I left

  6. My friend recently discovered that she's allergic to soy and can't eat soy unless she wants to sit on the toilet for hours on end. And Faith is right. It's really hard to find processed foods that don't contain soy. Even most of the meat that we eat – the animals are fed soy.

  7. It's ridiculously simple: it's about mutual respect. Most immigrants nowadays don't respect Western culture the way Westerners would respect theirs. If you're moving to a new country to get a free ride courtesy of the taxpayer, stay home.

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  9. Look in to the affects of injecting male babies with vaccines derived from aborted white female babies. I believe this is a contributing factor of the femeninization of man. Also check into the most widely used fertilizer in the US and Canada. There's a Scientist named Tyrone (something) who's a whistleblower, says the male frogs studied actually became homosexual and began to produce eggs.

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