Thomas Sowell – Intellectuals and Race

Professor Sowell brilliantly explains how the herd mentality on the left has worsened race relations in America.

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  1. Much respect for this man, he has intelligence, wisdom and above all, great integrity. I always enjoy listening to him speak. However he is virtually a unicorn of the Black (American hybrid) race. Statistically he is so far to the right of his racial IQ bell curve that he is the equivalent of a da Vinci, Newton or Tesla to the White race. Differences in racial IQs are real and highly biologically determined. Environmental effects have very little effect by the time a person reaches full brain development in adulthood. IQ tests, trans-racial and twin adoption studies have demonstrated this beyond reasonable doubt. Barring some massive program of eugenics, people of African ancestry will never be equal to Europeans by this metric. There are other important differences between the races of course, but this alone matters more than anything else when it comes to living in the same civilisation. It is unnatural and European built society will cease to function as the disparate races within them approach numerical parity.

  2. When something upsets one's belief system, manipulate the facts, plus if you add in enough ad-hominems to distract from the manipulated facts, perhaps your belief system can remain intact. In today's world words like racist and in Sowell's case Uncle Tom can be used to distract from the topic entirely, there in keeping the belief system intact in the protagonist mind.

  3. What this guy does is to subtly spout statistical data so that one might infer that there is no racism involved in the problems of Africans in America. This "intellectual" isn't ballsy enough to come right out and say that there is no racism that effects Africans, no, he'll just hint at it so that if confronted, he has wiggle room. What a dishonest, fly swarmed, pile. Everyone knows that racism is as American as apple pie and it's proponents can always find a "house boy" to parrot their views. Reminds me of Eastwood, "for a few dollars more." This man implies that Apartheid, in America, was good for the African family and only when they were allow to fully chase the American dream, with affirmative action protection, did everything fall apart for them. Funny how that happened just when Africans were about to spread their wings and soar. Funny how drugs started to flow in our communities around the same time. Very convenient. Where is "sellout sowell" when it comes to the "whys" of these so-called facts. He spouts these so-called facts, but where is his intellectual curiosity as to how and why these facts came to be? This guy is Stepin Fetchit with a degree.

  4. So blacks get turned down quadrupled the
    rate of asians at the banks. Why is that,
    Mr Sowell? How do
    we remedy that,
    Mr. Sowell?
    How is it that Jesse Jackson make mo
    money yet you an
    economic genious

  5. Edward Said pointed out years ago that university presses publish 400 copies of any academic book or paper because that is the number of other intellectuals who will order the book/paper. In other words, they are their own customers for everything. Academia is nothing but an incestuous circle jerk of ideas.

  6. Sowell is right in my mind…..I like ANYONE who respects and treats others with respect. There are good people everywhere in the world and also bad everywhere. It's sad

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