Tips on Buying Homestead Property- Do Your Research First

If you’re thinking of buying land to build a homestead on, you might want to do some research ahead of time that will help you better find the right place for you.  Here is an excerpt from an article from The Survivalist Blog offering some tips on how to prepare ahead of time before you even buy your land.

How-To Buy Your Homestead Property Without Getting Conned or Ripped Off – 1/5/18

First, you must look at the land, walk it and verify that the corner posts are in. If you cannot find any then the seller needs to show you exactly where they are……

Second, you need to do a little easy footwork which will probably take you under thirty minutes per parcel. You should never sign a contract or hand over any cash/trade until you personally, or by phone, contact the Treasurer as well as the Assessor of the County where the land or home is located……


Third, an Escrow Agent must always be involved because their job is to find out if the title is free and clear…..



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