Transgender Girl Badgered By Superior Court Judge While Seeking to Legally Change Name

A family in Los Angeles claims a Superior Court Judge discriminated against them by asking intrusive lessons of their transgender daughter during a proceeding to legally change her name.

Transgender rights: Los Angeles families complain of insensitive treatment during court hearings

The Liljestrand family alleges that Superior Court Judge Edward Moreton crossed the line during Melissa’s hearing, repeatedly asking her how she knew she was a girl and how she could be sure she wouldn’t change her mind.

Everman complained to the Commission on Judicial Performance about what she characterized as “a traumatic experience.” The commission’s director, Victoria B. Henley, said the agency doesn’t comment on whether a complaint has been lodged against a judge.

According to the family, the judge told Melissa, now 15, that she looked and sounded like a boy, mentioning that she was wearing boy’s clothes. Melissa, dressed in jeans, a flannel shirt and Doc Martens, shot back: “Clothing doesn’t have a gender.”

Moreton, who presides over all name and gender marker hearings in the downtown courthouse, said it would be inappropriate to comment about the case. There is no transcript from the hearing and this account relies on an interview with the Liljestrand family and their written complaint.

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