Trump Moves Decisively In Favor of the War Hawks in Afghanistan Speech

Many people who held their nose and voted for Donald Trump did so because they believed this was a man who would roll back the wars of aggression being run by former President Barack Obama.  Well, after a series of hints that went in multiple directions about how President Trump would approach Afghanistan, it appears that the hawks have won.  Call them globalists, call them establishment, call them what you want, what they have in common is a committment to bomb the world to freedumb.



Throughout the US war in Afghanistan, times of struggle have often led US officials to blame Pakistan. While President Trump’s Afghan policy speechstopped short of blaming Pakistan outright for the war’s woes, he did say that a “strategy for how do deal with Pakistan” was a vital part of the war.

Trump said Pakistan “often gives safe harbor to agents of chaos of violence,” and that this is “worse because Pakistan and India are two nuclear-armed states.” He added that the US “will no longer be silent” about Pakistan’s safe harbors.

At the same time, Trump declared Pakistan a “valued partner” against common enemies, and praised Pakistan’s contributions to the conflict so far. He did, however, complain the US is paying Pakistan “billions and billions of dollars.”

That claim isn’t actually true. The US owed Pakistan $900 million for services rendered in 2016, but the US paid only a fraction of that, withholding the rest because Defense Secretary James Mattis said they “hadn’t done enough,” though also because the Pentagon spent much of the money owed to Pakistan on other programs.

Either way, Trump insisted the Pakistan partnership couldn’t survive if they kept giving safe haven to militants. He further demanded Pakistan “demonstrate its commitment to civilization, order, and to peace.”

Trump Promises to ‘Deal With Pakistan’ on Afghan War

Trump Promises to ‘Deal With Pakistan’ on Afghan War | Demands commitment to ‘civilization, order, and peace’

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