Trump Vows To Whack The American Consumer

Anyone who lives on Highway A1A in Miami must only buy from others who live on A1A. That sounds like the road to prosperity (pun intended) does it not?

What if the Jones family could only trade and exchange with other members of the Jones family? Sound like a plan?

Can you see how ridiculous the idea of protectionism is?

But hey, who needs logic when there are votes to be counted?

President Trump wants Americans to buy American, and he also wants foreigners to buy American.

Trump’s not going get rid of all the regulations and red tape that choke entrepreneurship in America. He’s not going to peel away the biggest government on the face of the earth.

No way.

The swamp stays.

After all, politically-connected American businesses like the government regulations. They help to write them! It keeps new competition away. There’s nothing like a good government regulation to keep your business safe and secure.

You need deep pockets to play that game.

So, if Trump isn’t going to go in the direction of freedom in America, what is he going to do?


Whack the American consumer.

Trump Vows To Whack The American Consumer

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