Turkey Threatens Greece For Challenging “Macedonia”

The TurkReich, always looking for an angle to beat the war drums in their imperialistic dreams of rebuilding the Ottoman Empire and re-establish a caliphate led by Erdogon himself, have insinuated themselves in the long-running dispute between Greece and the ill-named coercive enterprise, Macedonia (which has no history, geographically or ethnically with the actual region called Macedonia since ancient times).
Erdogon’s statements go beyond merely chastising Greece for challenging the non-Greek nation-state for trying to steal a Greek identity, they have all but announced they will attack Greece if it dares challenge their “brothers.”

Turkey’s president claims Greece’s stance over ‘Macedonia’ name dispute is wrong

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan challenges Greece once again extending Turkey’s support to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) over the ‘Macedonia’ name dispute, which has reached a critical point.

Referring to FYROM as “our brothers”, he said that Ankara would always stand by Skopje.

“For us Ankara and Skopje have no difference and we will not leave our brothers alone and we will always be with them,” Erdogan said.

The statements were made during a conference attended by immigrants from Balkan countries now living in Turkey, report Vesnik.com and Daily.mk.

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