Turkey Threatens Syria Over Afrin Aid

The Turks are ratcheting up their war rhetoric as they continue with their Orwellian-named invasion and act of terror against Afrin called “Operation Olive Branch.”

They’re none too pleased with the Syrian government throwing its support behind Afrin, and are now threatening to attack the Syrian government itself.

From the Wahington Times

Turkey vows to strike Syrian regime forces aiding Kurds

Ankara is vowing to take out Syrian government and pro-regime forces sent into the embattled city of Afrin to aid Syrian Kurds defending the enclave against the ongoing Turkish offensive there.

Ibrahim Kalin, spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, told reporters in Ankara Wednesday that any member of the Syrian armed forces or associated paramilitary groups in Afrin will be considered “legitimate targets” by Turkish forces.

“Every step taken in support for the YPG terror organisation would mean [any forces intervening on the Kurdish militants’ side] are on the same level as terror organizations,” he said, referring to the Syrian Kurds allied with Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG. “And for us, that would make them legitimate targets.”

The threats come amid reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad reached a deal with the YPG and Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) to send men and reinforcements to blunt the Turkish incursion, dubbed Operation Olive Branch. Syrian fighters began ferrying into the besieged city this weekend, local reports claim


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