TurkReich Plans on Purging Afrin and Repopulating with “Good” Arabs

Plans by the TurkReich to repopulate Afrin with over 350,000 Syrian “refugees” (that is, non-Kurds, and the type of Syrians the TurkReich finds friendly to them) have triggered accusations from the Kurds of an attempt at genocide in Afrin.  This announcement further illustrates the Lebensraum (living space) strategy the TurkReich has directly culturally appropriated from the Nazis (yes, I did that, I just used an SJW term as a weapon against the TurkReich).

From Kurdistan 24

Turkish plans to resettle refugees in embattled Afrin a war crime: HDP

Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – Turkish leaders’ repeated announcements that they would resettle hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in the Afrin region of Syrian Kurdistan amounted to a war crime, the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) said on Monday.

Afrin has been the target of a now six-week-long cross-border Turkish attack that has resulted in the displacement of over 60,000 locals as of early last month.

“The government’s plans to transfer 350,000 refugees to Afrin under a campaign of invasion is an attempt of demographic change in contravention of the international law, and a downright war crime according to the Geneva Conventions,” a statement on the HDP’s website read.

At the beginning of the offensive to capture Afrin, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that 55 percent of the population was Arab, the Kurds there were from elsewhere, and that the enclave did not belong to “terrorists.”

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