TurkReich’s Genocidal Assault on Afrin Creates Thousands of Kurdish Refugees

As the TurkReich continues its assault on the people of Afrin, many Kurds from within the enclave are attempting to flee the now-war-torn region.  At least 1,000 civilians have been killed, so far, by Erdogan’s coalition of former IS Fighters, other Islamo-Fascists, and his own crew of Turkish Supremacist Nationalists.
While Erdogan’s efforts to ethnically cleanse the region and replace it with Turk-friendly Arabs and Turkish nationalists continues, the world offers only token protests, while Russia fully enables the TurkReich and even rewards it with the delivery of an anti-aircraft missile defense system.

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Thousands of Syrian Kurds fleeing Afrin

Thousands of people are fleeing the Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin, which has been under attack from Turkish-backed troops for over 50 days. The civilian population is headed towards area under Syrian government control in the Aleppo province, according to a spokesman for the Kurdish PYD, whose armed wing, the YPG, controls the center of Afrin.

The spokesman accused Ankara of ‘war crimes’. Turkish media report that those fleeing are headed for Manbej and other areas under Kurdish control in northeastern Syria. In recent hours, the Turkish army and local militias allied with it have reported arrived 1.5 km from the urban center and have cut off some power and water supply lines. The advance is continuing from the southern front, where the offensive has reportedly arrived 3.5 kilometers from the city in which tens of thousands of civilians live.

Turkish armed forces say that a total of 1,110 square kilometers have been taken in Afrin from the YPG, closely tied to the PKK, which is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and the EU. They added that they had ”neutralized” (killing, injuring or capturing) over 3,300 YPG and Islamic State (ISIS) ”terrorists”. The figures are not able to be independently verified on the ground

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