Turks Threaten Kurdish Territory in Syra, Is Rojava Next?

We have written about a region within the borders of Syria called Rojava.  It is an experiment in a different kind of human governance that is not based on the traditional coercive enterprise models of the last few thousand years.  As you can imagine, if you read articles on iState.tv regularly this is a story of particular interest to us.

News out of Turkey suggests what we’ve suspected for a while, that the sovereignty of Rojava will ultimately be most tested not by the Syrian government, which has already telegraphed its willingness to allow Rojava to be a sovereign entity within its borders.  The primary threat to Rojava, outside of the people themselves, is Turkey.

The Turks are now threatening a region close to their border called Afrin, which is a region within Syria controlled by Kurds, the dominant ethnic group in Rojava.  The question is this, will the Rojavans take the pragmatic approach, as thy did in refusing to support their fellow Kurds in Iraq after they prematurely declared independence from Iraq without having the power to back up the claim?  Or will they be sucked into a conflict they can ill afford to be drawn into?

Ankara Steps Up Threats Against Syrian Kurdish Enclave

For security reasons, Turkey is ratcheting up its threat to intervene militarily against Kurdish forces in Afrin, a Syrian region on Turkey’s border.

Analysts say doing so could potentially bring Turkish forces into a confrontation with the United States and Russia, which back the Kurdish fighters, known as the YPG. Ankara considers the YPG militia, which controls Afrin, of being affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, which is waging a Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey.

“Afrin is an obsession at this stage with Turkey,” says political columnist Semih Idiz of Al Monitor website. “Because of its proximity to the Turkish border, and if it remains in the Kurdish hands, it enables the Kurds to have a kind of corridor, which could eventually link with northern Iraq and then have a way to the sea,” he added.

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