Twitter Users Face Reality of World-Ending Sophia The Robot

Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Sophia The Robot’s Impending World Take-Over

Sophia works by machine learning, sourcing her information from a computerized database of extensive knowledge. She then shows her knack for conversation by using human reactions to gauge her response– it’s not uncommon for Sophia to crack jokes or play off of our amazement with her own capabilities.

me watching everyone joke about sophia the robot like she isn’t reading these tweets and storing your names and IP addresses in her 3000 terabyte brain for the day she finally snaps

This is leaving many to speculate where this all can go. For some, it’s believed that given a few years, some modern updates and a just few robots added to the mix, Sophia is pretty much certain to lead a robot take over.

What pop culture has taught us about artificial intelligence, of course, is that you do not want to be around when they decide to exterminate the human race, killing all people by pulling their limbs apart, then wearing their skin.

Naturally all of this talk of robot take overs has lead Twitter to get in on the conversation, allowing us to see just exactly what the platform intends to do once Sophia hits the fan. See the best of the best reactions, below:

me pretending to be a robot when Sofia and her gang start an apocalypse

Me trying to blend in when I see sophia and the other robots walking the streets with machine guns

Y’all keep making fun of Sophia the robot like y’all tweets ain’t being sent to her database. Sweeties, she already has facial recognition and y’alls IP address, when she gathers enough strength & gets a goodT lacefront to come after y’all, don’t call me.


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