Two-Headed Dragon of EU Turns on UK

If you’re paying close attention to the machinations of the EU, what you soon discover is the EU is primarily one entity, Germany. Angela Merkel has positioned Germany as the de facto head of the EU. If Germany is against it, there’s a pretty good chance the EU will also be against it. But there is another player that has powerful sway in the direction the EU takes, and that entity is France.
It seems that the departure of the third ‘great power’ of the EU, Britain, is pushing the two remaining great powers, Germany and France, closer together.
They have a common enemy, and that enemy is Great Britain.
Should Germany and France continue to draw closer together, it will be done at the loss of even more sovereignty of the individual nation-states members of the EU, and it might just be done at the sacrifice of the European economy.

EU’S BREXIT WARNING: Merkel and Macron could push Europe into financial disaster

Over the next few months as the second phase of Brexit negotiations begin, the European Union will fight tooth and nail over how the UK should leave the Brussels bloc.Although many in the EU believe they won the first round after Theresa May agreed to stump up the €45 billion divorce settlement, the reality is that Brexit will still leave a huge hole in the budget.And Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have been warned they could risk economic disaster if they continue to push Britain into a corner.

…..Although the split is inevitable, Britain wants to stay ‘aligned’ to the bloc in what Philip Hammond calls the “extraordinary levels of interconnectedness” between the EU and UK.But the Franco-German approach seems to hope for a clean break up – potentially causing unnecessary damage across Europe.

Officials in Berlin have dismissed the British idea of “managed divergence” as “the latest episode in the ‘cake and eat it’ sitcom series”.

And although the UK wants to leave the single market and customs union, forcing Britain to start trade negotiations from scratch is viewed as an aggressive move from the EU which in turn could cause damage to its own members.


….Ukip leader Henry Bolton said: “The intransigence of Chancellor Merkle and President Macron over movement to stage two Brexit negotiations only will only disrupt commerce between the UK.

“They are simply holding out for more money and commitments from Britain.

“Any British government that goes along with this German/French agenda will be betraying UK interests.

“The government must be clear in its purpose – the pursuit of British interests. Those interests are not served by cow-towing to the agenda of Merkle but by pursuing our own

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