UK Delivers Online Harms Report, Targeting Social Media for Policing – HYMHM – April 15th 2019


UK’s Gov-Produced Study on Online Harms Sets Precedents for other Governments to Follow

The British government is seeking to ‘understand’ ‘online harms,’ and has produced what has been touted as the world’s first effort by any government to comprehensively ‘understand’ the ‘harms’ of social media.  The creators hope this sets off more comprehensive studies by other governments, with the hope of more coordinated inter-governmental cooperation on policing social media.
The white paper on online harms is a global first. It has never been more needed – The Guardian
On Monday last week, the [UK] government published its long-awaited white paper on online harms. It was launched at the British Library by the two cabinet ministers responsible for it….. this white paper is a significant document. It marks the first time that the government of a major country has decided to regulate the companies that now dominate the online world. Other countries (Singapore, Australia and Germany to name just three) have already had a go, but their efforts have been partial, reactive and sometimes half-arsed. The UK white paper tries to address the problem at a broader level. | Get the Full Story



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