US Airmen Were Abducted By Aliens, Claims Retired Colonel

Holy abductions batman!  A US Air Force Colonel, a retired version, is claiming that two airmen were abducted by aliens.  There is a link included to a video of the retired Colonel making the sensation claim that the two airmen were abducted, only to be returned hours later.

No word on whether probing was involved, and if so, where that probing may have occurred.

US air force colonel says two airmen involved in British UFO case ‘may have been abducted’

A RETIRED US air force colonel says two airmen involved in Britain’s most infamous UFO case may have been abducted by aliens in secret video footage.

Staff Sgt Jim Penniston and Airman John Burroughs claim to have witnessed a small triangular craft which landed in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk — in what has been dubbed the UK’s Roswell incident.

Sgt Penniston apparently got so close, he even managed to touch the craft, describing it as “smooth to the touch” and covered with strange symbols similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs — before it took off.

Now in secret video footage obtained exclusively by Sun Online, the deputy commander of the base at the time, Charles Halt, can be heard stating that Burroughs “may have been abducted” and that the men were “unaccounted for” for hours.

It is believed it is the first time Halt has ever made the bombshell claims — and they did not appear on his official memo of the incident which was sent to the Ministry of Defense.

The mysterious Rendlesham incident took place in December 1980 — at the height of the Cold War — in woods just outside the twin NATO air bases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.

Penniston and Burroughs headed into the woods to investigate some strange flashing lights, which is where they saw the UFO.

Two nights later, the UFO returned, and Halt led a team of military experts into the woods in a bid to “debunk” the claims.

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