US Plays Neutral in Greek-Turkish Aegean Islet Dispute

The initial response of the US in the latest sabre rattling of the TurkRech is disappointing, if you understand the true nature of the Erdogan regime.  Apparently, the United States has decided to take a somewhat public neutral stance regarding the dispute between Turkey and Greece over Islets in the Aegean.

Turkey’s response to the US cautioning both sides to dial back their rhetoric was this, from Herr Erdogan himself, “Let them not think that the search for natural gas in Cypriot waters and opportunistic initiatives relating to islets in the Aegean have slipped our attention,” he said. “We will destroy their calculations just as we are destroying those who made the wrong calculations on our southern border with the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations.”

Good job, US,  Way to further embolden the TurkReich.

The US calls on Greece and Turkey to deescalate Aegean Sea tensions

The United States called on Turkey and Greece to de-escalate tensions over rocky, uninhabited islets in the Aegean Sea claimed by both countries.

Turkish and Greek coastguard vessels have twice collided near the disputed Kardak islets, known as Imia in Greece, in the last month.

“We encourage all parties to take steps that will de-escalate the current situation. As a matter of principle, the United States supports the sovereignty of the countries in the region, including Greece and Turkey,” U.S. State Department official Nicole A. Thompson said in an email to Ahval.

The dispute is one of a series of issues related to demilitarisation, delimitation and the sovereignty rights of Aegean Sea islands and islets between Turkey and Greece dating back decades. In late January 1996, the two NATO countries almost went to war over Kardak/Imia, between the Turkish coastal town of Bodrum and the Greek island of Kalymnos.

Turkey is ready to take “all necessary measures” to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots and Turkey’s ownership of the continental shelf in the eastern Aegean, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told the Greek Kathimerini newspaper in an interview last week.

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