Vermont’s Anti-Gun Laws Prove Boon to Gun Stores Across the Border

The law of unintended consequences is working in favor of gun shops that are just across the border of Vermont.  Thanks to the passage of a series of anti-gun laws recently passed in Vermont, residents of Vermont are crossing the border to get the kinds of guns and ammo they can’t legally purchase anymore.


New Vermont Gun Law Boosts Business At Border Gun Shops

Vermont’s new gun control law appears to be good for sales at some gun shops in border towns in the North Country and Northeast Kingdom.

“I would say we’re up a good 40 percent,” Gary Griswold, owner of Gateway Sports in Wells River, said Friday.

At Corey’s Sport Shop in Littleton, owner Dick Basnar said, “We always get a fair amount of business from Vermont, but there has been a little bit of an uptick the last few weeks.”

On Wednesday, Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed into law several bills, the key pieces of which limit the capacity of rifle magazines to 10 rounds and handgun magazines to 15 rounds, expand background checks to private sales, raise the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 (unless a buyer has taken a hunter safety course), outlaw bump stocks, and allow police to take firearms from those deemed an extreme risk for violence or those arrested on charges of domestic violence.


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