Violent Crime Prevention is Really Individual Preparation

John Farnam of Ammoland debunks some powerful myths about being able to prevent violent crime happening to you or others in an article titled ‘Violent Crime Fatal Fantasies.’

The article challenges you, and you alone, to be prepared to be your best defense against a violent crime not just by taking proactive steps to avoid risk, but to be prepared in the event that violence strikess you personally.

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1) The only authentic “first responders” to precipitous, violent criminal acts, are prospective victims directly at the scene, at the critical moment. Even then, they are effective in preventing/limiting carnage only when armed, trained, alert, and pivotally decisive.

2) Imagining that it is possible to predict/prevent spasmodic, violent criminal acts through “scientific preemptive measures” represents a fatal fantasy. Don’t bet you life on it!

3) Imagining that “access control,” no matter how sophisticated nor formidable, will suffice to protect you from harm, represents another fatal fantasy.

4) Imagining that police/security personnel will arrive “in the nick of time” represents yet another fatal fantasy!

5) Imagining that is somehow “immoral” to effectively defend oneself, including the precise application of deadly force, is a foolish concession to naive liberals/leftists. Liberals are only too anxious to “sacrifice” the lives of others (but never their own), in order to “preserve their sensibilities”

6) Only the well-armed, well-trained, aware, and otherwise well-prepared have any chance of living through a violent attack by traditional VCAs, or as we’re seeing in increasing numbers, violent leftist ideologues.

Violent Crime Fatal Fantasies

When Violent Criminal Actors must be physically stopped, you will have no choice but to personally, decisively effect the “stopping” You’ll get dirty, maybe wet!

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