We Are All As, So Chill Out When It’s Your Friend’s Turn to be the A

I think it would help a LOT of us if we realize we ALL have asshole sides, at times, and in some areas, continually.
This is, in part, because we are not fully self-aware, and thus we do not, in many instances, see the asshole that is us.
Years later, I looked back at many such moments when I had the full confidence and certainty, and even moral high ground position, only to discover that no, in fact, you, Paul, were just being an asshole.
I think this is important to own, both to keep yourself more rooted in your actual capacity to understand fully what’s going on (hint, it’s almost always a lot less than you imagine it is) and to keep yourself more empathetically connected to the people in your life that might, at times, be going through their own asshole who imagines they are certain they are not only not doing anything wrong, but they’re actually completely right, morally, logically, and all other ways you can imagine it.
I don’t offer much patience for people I barely know, but once I connect to you, I will offer you numerous Get out of Jail Free cards after a bout of assholery. You’re going to need to do the same for me because I might soon need it.
I’m slow to connect, but even slower (much slower) to disconnect, largely because I too have been and will most likely continue to be (probably am right now and don’t even know it) an asshole who imagines he has the moral high ground, the logic, the science, the SHIT behind him.

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