West Virginia Bill Would Make Bible Studies Mandatory in Schools

Never mind what you might think of public schools (I’m not a fan, which is probably obvious to anyone who reads iState.TV regularly), should they make it mandatory to learn about the bible?  That’s what one state bill is proposing, and that state is West Virginia.

Might want to look into that whole separation of church and state thing, unless, of course, it’s mandatory to learn about all the other “major” religions as well.

UPDATE: W.Va. proposal for Bible requirement brings mixed reaction

A bill before West Virginia lawmakers would require the Bible in school.

If passed, Senate Bill 252 would make it an elective for students, but not for school districts, even the public ones.

It’s no surprise, it’s getting some strong opinions on both sides at Pullman Square.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Joseph Hardwick.

“I think it’s arrogant and silly,” said Patrick Stephens.

But according to current wording, the bill would require it in all schools — public, private and parochial.

The stated purpose is to teach students the history, literary style and its influence on society like law, art and government, focusing on either the Old Testament, the New Testament or the entire Bible.

Those like Hardwick like the proposal.

“I think it would help people grow and open their mind.”

“It gives an opportunity for the kids to learn about the Bible,” added Cadyn Turley.

But Stephens said the Bible doesn’t have a place in school and blurs the line between church and state.

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