What Are The Best Vehicles to Consider for a Bug-Out SHFT Situation?



Have you thought about the best vehicle you should have in the event you have to bug out under SHTF situation?  Here is a list of 7 Bug Out Vehicles you should consider according to Ben Brown, writing in The Prepping Guide.

From thepreppingguide.com

7 Bug Out Vehicles You Can Rely On In An Emergency Situation

Mercedes G-Wagon – These vehicles are beasts. This is why they are used by a number of militaries around the world. There are several models of the Mercedez Benz G-Wagon. The more modern versions of the car are a more luxury 4WD made for city environments……


Jeep – The Jeep Wrangler series is a very customizable 4×4 city that performs well as an urban everyday drive vehicle as well out in the wilderness. One of the things a lot of outdoors goers love about the Jeep is its capacity to pack a lot of weight……


Humvee – The Humvee is another military service vehicle that has never failed to impress in its operation, as well as carriage and hauling power…..


Ford 4×4 F-Series – Everyone knows someone that owns an F-Series truck. Whether it be an F350, 250 or even a 150, they’ve all got the power, space, and functionality for any family to be safely moved from point A to point B…..


RAM Outdoorsman – These beasts are such a budget vehicle with many second-hand options available for under $20,000 and needs very little work to maintain. Any type of RAM truck is useful as a bug out vehicle…..

Toyota 4Runner – Toyota is one of the most popular vehicle makers for campers and outdoors lovers, and one of its outdoors favorites is the 4Runner. That suits us when we’re looking for a bug out vehicle because we’re after the same thing, a reliable vehicle for the outdoors…..

Toyota Tacoma – The Tacoma is another one of Toyota’s great outdoors SUVs but comes with a few different specifications…..


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Editor’s Note:  Make sure you click through and read the details behind these selections, as well as learn the principles of what makes a good bug-out vehicle, as well as a list of accessories to include with your bug-out vehicle.

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