What Does a War With Syria Mean? – VisPrivus

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  1. >Use chemical weapons as pretense for ousting Assad
    >Install puppet leader in Assad's place
    >Russians kicked out of Syria
    >Trump shows hard stance against Russia, burying the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy
    >Democrats and media are forced to shut up about calling Trump pro-Russian
    >Syrian civil war is now over
    >Trump demands repatriation of all "refugees" in Europe back to Syria
    >New Syrian Leader, under Trump's orders, gladly accepts repatriation, whereas Assad probably never would have
    >Europe Migrant Crisis is reversed. Europe is saved. Stability in Syria
    >Obama looks completely incompetent for not accomplishing any of this in his second term

    What would you all prefer Trump to do? If he backed off, the Trump/Russia collusion stories would be out of control. If Assad regained control of Syria, do you think he would EVER accept repatriation of the refugees in Europe and USA? The same countries that started the civil war? Hell no!

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