Will Snowflake Fear of Trump Tweets Create Surge in Prepper Supply Businesses?

The folks at Buzzfeed are convinced that President Trump will soon trigger World War III, and that might be driving other special snowflakes to start buying prepper supplies.  Well, good.
Here, have a laugh.

The People Selling Prepper Supplies Really Love Trump’s Tweets

President Donald Trump’s promise to boost the US economy is working out great for at least one industry — the nuclear catastrophe business.

“Donald Trump has been very good for the prepper business,” Troy Jones, owner of nukepills.com in Mooresville, North Carolina, told BuzzFeed News. Jones sells FDA-approved potassium iodide pills used to forestall radiation poisoning, as well as radiation protection kits and other emergency supplies. “It’s the tweets. Our orders just explode.”

Jones said sales typically increase tenfold and switch from individual pill packs to radiation protection kits after Trump’s nuclear tweets, such as Tuesday night’s “my button is bigger” taunt to North Korea’s leadership.

High-ticket bomb shelter sales are up as well, according to Gary Lynch of Rising S Company in Murchison, Texas. His company’s bunkers, starting at $39,500 (including a $6,000 air filtration system for nuclear fallout), are not impulse buys after a presidential tweet. But there’s no doubt that Trump’s missives have some influence, he said.

“Certainly anxiety over North Korea or Iran plays a part in the decision to build a shelter,” Lynch said. “A lot of people we talk to are concerned about society in general, the national debt, riots, and they see a shelter as a prudent decision.”

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