With Edict, French President Changes Gov School Age Start to 3 Years Old

It seems the state wants to make sure that your child is really their child, at least the state of France does. With just a word from the imperial fey lad called Emmanuel Macron, the current President of France, the mandatory age that you send your child off to government-indoctrination centers (that’s schools to your normies), is now the ripe old age of 3 years old.

In their grand benevolence, the state of France has decided to allow the parents it controls to raise their child as they see fit for the first three years of life. But that’s long enough for any independence for parents and kids in France.

Now, after your child turns 3 years old, it’s time for you to send the child off to your nearest government indoctrination center to assure that your child becomes the right and proper type of cog the state needs to fit into its benevolent, cog-serving machine.

It is worth noting that France has extreme anti-gun laws, so Macron is fully aware that his decision to change the age you must send your child to a government indoctrination center from 6 to 3 will not be met with armed resistance, as most all of the French are without effective arms.

The only people who have any effective firearms would be the very wealthy, the government goons, and, of course, the criminals and the terrorists, just as the state prefers it.

From abcnews.go.com

France will require children to start school at age 3

Starting next year, France will make it compulsory for children to attend school starting at the age of 3 years old, instead of the current age of 6, French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday.

Macron said the change, which will come into effect in September 2019, is intended to prevent extremism in schools and promote better integration into French society.

While some have voiced support for the decision, saying that by reducing the age to 3 it will help their children to feel more accepted in society, others are wary.

“While I do understand the president’s viewpoint, I suggest that in fact it is the parent’s role in teaching their children about tolerance and acceptance of others in society,” an official at the French Ministry of Education in Paris, and a former teacher himself, told ABC News. “I feel that the change could put additional strain on support for teachers and mean that we are placing too much pressure on our children.”


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