Woman’s Egg Fertilized by Dog Sperm for Art

Slovenian Artist is Fertilized by Dog and Wins Art Award for It

Slovenian Artist Maja Smrekar is attempting to create the world’s future human-dog, or dog-human, or whatever.  What would be a great name for a dog-human hybrid?  How about we say she’s trying to create the world’s first Humdoggo.  Oh yeah, humdoggo sounds like a winner, which is exactly what this artist, Maja Smrekar, is, a winner, a winner of some sort of prestigious art prize.

That award ties into this story rather nicely since, actually, it makes this story iLulz worthy.  Merely attempting to create the world’s first humdoggo deserves some sort of recognition, but winning an art prize thingie for doing it, well that really put this story to the top of the list of nominees I combed through this morning to pick the iLulz of the day.

Smrkar (seen here with her doggo Buddy Byron, sitting next to a rather glitzy rendition of the famous Ancient Greek sculpture, Winged Victory at Thamotrace) created a series of works that are intended to lift up in celebration and joy the wonder and amazement that is the relationship between the doggo world and the humano world, a world now destined to become one in her uterus in the form of Humdoggo.

But no folks, but no.  See, I kind of teased you to get you to read this article.  AND YOU FELL FOR IT!  Or else someone is lying to us (I think someone is lying to us.

According to the article in the New Zealand Herald, Smrekar (whose last name sounds like the first name of the sister of Smeegle from Lord of the Rings) is not being fertilized by reproductive spermies from Byron, but rather by “somatic” spermies from Byron.  I for one ain’t buying it, because I refuse to let my dream of Humdoggo die just like that.  I will wait nine months and then check in on Smeegle’s sister, Smrekar, before I let the beautiful dream die.

There is this beautiful quote from the  New Zealand Herald article which gives credence to my completely insane conspiracy theory that Smeegle’s sister is really going to give birth to the world’s first Humdoggo, “Somatic cells are non-sexual cells so the material used was not sperm. The process used was not fully explained.”

As if that were not enough to bolster my complete lack of cognizant connection to the world you normies call reality, the article itself takes a quote from the Ars Electronica website.  In speaking about the fertilization, the one they say is not going to be reproducing anything (but you know they’re lying because my mad theory clearly proves their lying), “the result is a hybrid cell, inherent in which is a dystopian scenario but which could create a new species whose chances of survival on Planet Earth are better than ours”.

That last part folks, take that in…Better.  Than.  Ours.  These people know their planning for the undoing of the human race, and it all began in Smeegle’s sister’s uterus.  Much wow.  Very amaze.

The project that the artist formerly known as sane has created is called “K-9_topology.”  It won the Golden Nica for Hybrid Art in the Prix Ars Electronica.  The jurists behind the awarding of Smeegle’s sister for plotting the overthrow of humanity by creating a super race of humdoggos said this about her project, “K-9_topology is a true hybrid artwork with a profound bio-political message and is certain to bring a lot of discussion to the audience from both the art and science sides.”

Listen, I don’t know how I feel about humans being bested by the creation of humdoggo, but doggone it (see what I did there), the allure of seeing humdoggo come to fruition is, frankly, worth taking a chance that the uterus of Smeegle’s sister might indeed one day crush humanity.

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