World Bank Announces Large-Scale Social Engineering Program

It looks like the World Bank is about to make big moves to ratchet up its social engineering program, and it will do so in the name of helping people and saving the planet.  Using words like sustainability, economic competitiveness, environment and resource efficiency, and social inclusiveness, the World Bank has essentially announced its intentions to use its state-supported and protected near monopoly on international capital resources to browbeat, bully and control communities to conform to the World Bank.

In essence, the World Bank is staking its claim as being a de facto World Government that will impose its will on you through finance.  And, lest you think you can default on a World Bank loan, this is a bank that has the backing of the United State Military.

But have heart, because the World Bank is running out of time.  Its advantages may soon become a thing of the past thanks to emerging technologies like the blockchain.

World Bank, GEF launch Urban Sustainability Framework
  • The World Bank and environmental advocacy group Global Environmental Facility (GEF) announced the launch of a new Urban Sustainability Framework during the World Urban Forum. The guide is designed to help cities become more sustainable through a “four-stage approach”: create a vision for that sustainability, determine financing to put plans into practice, monitor, and evaluate implementation.

  • The framework lays out six key dimensions of urban sustainability: governance and integrated planning, financial sustainability, economic competitiveness, environment and resource efficiency, low carbon and resilience and social inclusiveness.

  • “We are confident that through this collaboration, a shared vision and common approach to urban sustainable development can be forged,” GEF CEO and chair Naoko Ishii said in a statement. “We invite cities to use the framework to meet the challenges they face today and in the coming decades, and we enthusiastically look forward to the collaborative efforts to adopt an integrated approach to urban sustainability.”


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