World Ticker – April 16th, 2018

Hot Spot Watch
Macron says he ‘convinced’ Trump to stay in Syria ahead of strikes
Turkey sets its sights on Antartica
The undeclared war over the Aegean sea
China’s Xi presides over large-scale naval display in South China Sea
Greek fighter jet crashes in the Aegean Sea two days after soldiers fired warning shots at Turkish helicopter
US aircraft carrier sails through South China Sea to assert military might in face of Chinese naval exercises
Europe’s separatists feel Catalan chill
Syrian Kurds welcome multi-ethnic Afrin local council
With Catalonia’s leaders in jail, Spain hits the grassroots
War Watch
China has ‘nuclear options’ in trade war with US … really?
US vows fresh sanctions as Russia stands by Assad
Amazon’s Brilliance Reminds Us That As China Grows, So Will American Wealth
Drones could make Turkey-Greece clashes less risky, but more frequent
China-Japan battle expected over Citarum
World Gov Watch
China set for fewer World Bank loans in US fundraising deal
Could we have paid off IMF debt if we didn’t have a production economy? -Erdoğan
A more open China can avoid a no-win trade war with the US
US set to support $13 billion World Bank capital increase: FT
UN rejects Russian attempt to condemn Syria airstrikes
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