World Ticker – April 19th, 2018

Hot Spot Watch
Israel warns Iran on military buildup in Syria, won’t send jets to US drill
Venezuela says it will restore diplomatic ties with Spain
Army announces upcoming deployments to Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan
Turkey to dismiss 3000 people in military over links to cleric Gulen: minister
Turkey walked inside T-Mobile to deliver them a not-so-wonderful surprise
Turkey’s President Erdogan calls snap election in June
Greece and Turkey Are Inching Toward War
A Venezuelan Candidate Soldiers On With Democracy Itself in Doubt
Majority supports Syrian airstrikes
Syria chemical weapons visit postponed after gunfire: sources
Syria: proposal to replace US troops with Arab force comes with grave risks
Public servant’s anonymous Twitter criticism protected by freedom of speech
Germany hits brakes on Macron’s dreams for stronger Europe
Regions of Interest Watch
China sends warning to Taiwan with naval drills near island
‘Catalonia was changed forever after independence referendum’
Background to the Republic of Somaliland’s Quest for Recognition-Part I
Emiratis plough millions into a country that no one recognises: Somaliland
War Watch
Russian news agencies say US told Moscow no new sanctions for now
Greece dealing with increased flow of migrants across Turkey border
‘Major crisis’ needed to make Russia, US cooperate
Russia will not ban titanium exports to US
UAE army intercepts Houthi drone in Yemen: News agency
China is being pushed out of US telecoms
Strong yuan, rising costs are bigger worries than US trade war, say Chinese exporters
Russia agrees to extend overflight approvals for US airlines
Why China, Japan and Korea fuss over tiny islands — 4 things to know
Japan offers to lend hand in China’s ‘toilet revolution’
Turkish Soldiers Held in Greece ‘to be Released in May’
World Gov Watch
The $211 trillion problem: IMF sends warning about record global debt
International Monetary Fund warns Australian Government against Budget spending spree
In departure from “America First,” US ups World Bank commitment
Blockchain Is About to Revolutionize the Shipping Industry
US Debt Load Seen Worse Than Italy’s by 2023, IMF Predicts
Merkel wants European Monetary Fund with national oversight: sources
EU says US steel tariffs are ‘distorting’ global trade flows, hurting economic growth
World Bank sees microgrids playing bigger role in Africa’s electrification as solar costs fall
Why the US-China “Trade War” Is Really About the Future of Innovation
Tens Of Thousands Protest In Armenia Against Sarkisian As Prime Minister
Spain Is Booming and Now Voters Turn Against the Prime Minister
Syria: Sustained fighting taking ‘enormous’ toll on civilians, UN aid chief tells Security Council


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