You Cannot Slay the Meshocracy From Within

Disarming the State From Within- The Meshocracy Problem

The problem with disassembling the state by disassembling its laws and regulations from within is numerous, but here are a few key ones:
1. The Law of Unintended Consequences-
When you selectively remove an impediment, without fully understanding the degree to which the removal of that impediment will bolster or diminish the real power of those who support the perpetuation of that very state, you are pretty much shooting in the dark, imagining that you have the same godlike powers the state demands its subjects believes it has.
2. The Ven Diagram Effect of Bureaucracy-
Selectively removing one law, one regulation, hardly diminishes the state’s power to use other laws and regulations to effectively re-block the action you intended to unblock. Laws and regulations cover a circle of influence that overlays with multiple seemingly unrelated laws and regulations.
3. The Enforcement Problem-
Declaring laws dead, regulations ended, need not actually prevent the bureaucrat or the enforcer from continuing to act as if it is not, in fact, dead. The willingness of local state offices to conveniently not stay current with their own laws can be seen in Pennsylvania, where many school districts (though less and less) continue to attempt to demand from homeschool families documentation that is no longer required since the law was changed in 2010, 8 years ago as of the time of this writing.
4. The Hydra Problem-
Where one law is destroyed, one regulation is vaporized, another law, another regulation is waiting to take its place, even, if needed, in the dead of the night.
These four problems are part of the overall problem of attempting to dismantle the state from within. The “State” is a Meshocracy, a near-incalculable blur of tangled entanglements of regulations and regulation enforcement offices of many forms (including the police departments).
The “clients” it serves are largely overwhelmed with hysterical data that tells stories no longer than 30 seconds. They have an historical awareness that usually goes no further than the American borders and no further back (save in a couple cartooney versions of key moments in pre-smartphone history) than 2 years ago.
They are easily distracted. They have short attention spans. They are conditioned to hate the other. They now, more and more, freely express that hatred. THEY are the Meshocracy, and the “Law” is writ on their hearts.
No symbolic gesture on paper can erase those laws and regulations from the heart of the meshocracy. If you want to smash the state, you have to smash the idea. As for how to smash the idea, well, that’s another matter altogether (one I have already addressed, and will continue to address).

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